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We believe every company needs the guidance, support, and advice of a competent CFO, but few businesses can afford to employ one full time. Cathedral Capital works with entrepreneurs who have revenues of up to ten million dollars to provide the strategic and logistical support necessary to achieve their goals – whether those are growth, succession planning, or an exit strategy. By working with a number of companies we give you the best of both worlds. Expertise when you need it without the added overhead.

Entrepreneur-Cover-for-website6 Key NumbersTM Every Entrepreneur Should Know is the first book in the 6 Key NumbersTM series.  This book explains the key financial reports in layman’s terms and demystifies the process. With this easy-to-understand guide, you will learn how to utilize the explained metrics to increase your likelihood of success, eliminate doubt and uncertainty from your planning, hire and fire better, market more effectively, and position your business to be saleable. You will remove much of the stress associated with your business so you can enjoy the road ahead!

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