A Different Practice podcast

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Hosts Lauren and Jessica talk with Brooke about the essential financial insights that every law firm owner needs, including:

  • 1

    The key numbers every law firm owner should know

  • 2

    The ideal composition of your financial team, including the one indispensable role that no law firm owner should ever go without

  • 3

    The three forward-looking and two backward-looking financial indicators you should track to keep your business on the right track

  • 4

    The simple yet effective method to gauge whether your law firm is on a growth trajectory or headed in the wrong direction

  • 5

    The Rule of Thirds and how it can maximize your law firm's financial stability and growth potential

  • 6

    Practical tips and strategies for streamlining the process of collecting money owed to your law firm, ensuring you get what you're rightfully owed

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