Brooke Lively- Founder


Cathcap was founded in 2013 - by accident.

After graduating college, our founder, Brooke, found herself stuck in a retail job at Nordstrom. Determined to break free, Brooke took a leap of faith and quit, seeking a new direction. But fate had other plans. During a Christmas visit home, Brooke received news that her mom had cancer. Her focus shifted to being there for her family and supporting her mom through treatment.
As her mom triumphed over cancer, Brooke realized life is too short for unfulfilling work. With a newfound purpose, Brooke pursued her passion for marketing and went to grad school. However, as she delved deeper, she discovered her craving for the logic and structure of finance. Driven by her desire to make an impact, she swiftly transitioned and got a finance degree.
After graduating, Brooke honed her financial skills and completed her CFA credentials at a hedge fund. Meanwhile, her father dissolved his law firm partnership. Recognizing an opportunity, Brooke stepped in to help him establish his new firm.
She transformed the law firm into a well-oiled business machine, elevating its professionalism, profitability, and long-term sustainability. With the help of a sales and marketing consultant, the transformation turned heads. As word spread, other attorneys sought Brooke’s assistance. Many legal professionals were overwhelmed by the financial aspects of running a business.
In 2012, Brooke started developing tailored services to empower attorneys with financial knowledge and support to thrive in their ventures. But starting a business from scratch is no walk in the park. In 2015, Brooke faced a crucial turning point when she decided to part ways with her biggest client. Over the next 26 months, she encountered countless financial obstacles, draining her savings, maxing out credit cards, and refinancing her house. Brooke vividly remembers a defining moment during this period: withdrawing the maximum cash advance from an ATM late at night in a different part of town to avoid prying eyes.
The next morning, she walked into a bank, depositing that stack of twenties to ensure her team would be paid. This experience gave her firsthand knowledge of the financial pressures entrepreneurs and business owners face. With tenacity an unwavering belief in her mission, Brooke transformed Cathcap into a service that enables lawyers and entrepreneurs to scale their businesses profitably. A catalyst for profit, Cathcap shines as an expert in financial matters, empowering clients to achieve their goals and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Core Values

Be a partner

Be willing to talk through problems – listen to others and make the best decision for the team; defined as Cathcap + client.

Own it

Be dependable, authentic, and loyal while also showing quiet confidence.

Live the integrated life

Create a work environment that serves you personally.

Find fun

Find the lighter side of situations and go with it.

Constantly grow

Foster a more profitable life.


We Help You Scale Your Business Profitably

We empower you to achieve your financial goals by delivering transparent and accurate financials that provide clarity and enable you to make informed decisions, ultimately building a profitable firm.


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