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Cathcap was founded in 2013 - by accident. ​

CathCap was founded in 2013 with a mission to provide top-tier CFO services to businesses of all sizes. Our founder, Brooke Lively, started CathCap to bridge the gap between financial expertise and business growth. Brooke’s journey from retail to finance, driven by personal experiences and professional challenges, laid the foundation for CathCap’s commitment to empowering businesses through strategic financial leadership.


Brooke Lively- Founder

Meet Our Founder

In 2012, Brooke Lively started developing tailored services to empower attorneys with financial knowledge and support to thrive in their ventures. But starting a business from scratch is no walk in the park. In 2015, Brooke faced a crucial turning point when she decided to part ways with her biggest client. Over the next 26 months, she encountered countless financial obstacles, draining her savings, maxing out credit cards, and refinancing her house. Brooke vividly remembers a defining moment during this period: withdrawing the maximum cash advance from an ATM late at night in a different part of town to avoid prying eyes.

The next morning, she walked into a bank, depositing that stack of twenties to ensure her team would be paid. This experience gave her firsthand knowledge of the financial pressures entrepreneurs and business owners face. With tenacity and unwavering belief in her mission, Brooke transformed Cathcap into a service that enables lawyers and entrepreneurs to scale their businesses profitably. A catalyst for profit, Cathcap shines as an expert in financial matters, empowering clients to achieve their goals and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.


Your Cathcap Team

At CathCap, our team is more than just a group of financial experts; we are passionate individuals committed to driving your business success. Our purpose goes beyond the numbers —we aim to empower business owners with the financial clarity and strategic insight needed to achieve their goals.

We are motivated by the success stories of our clients. Seeing businesses thrive and grow fuels our dedication and inspires us to continuously innovate and improve our services. We understand the challenges that business owners face, and we strive to be trusted partners who offer not only technical expertise but also our utmost support.

Join us at CathCap and discover a team that is genuinely invested in your business’s success. Together, we can achieve great things.

Diverse Expertise and Experience
from Top Employers

Our CFOs bring a wealth of knowledge and diverse expertise from their past roles at leading companies, ensuring exceptional financial leadership and insight.

Core Values

Be a partner

Be willing to talk through problems – listen to others and make the best decision for the team; defined as Cathcap + client.

Own it

Be dependable, authentic, and loyal while also showing quiet confidence.

Live the integrated life

Create a work environment that serves you personally.

Find fun

Find the lighter side of situations and go with it.

Constantly grow

Foster a more profitable life.


CFO Services

CFO services are essential for businesses looking to enhance their financial management and strategic planning. Whether you need a dedicated CFO, fractional CFO, or interim CFO services, understanding the value and benefits of professional financial advice can transform your business.

Experience Across Industries

At CathCap, we pride ourselves on our expertise across multiple industries. We are ready to support your business no matter its size or sector. Our team of seasoned CFOs, controllers, and analysts brings tailored financial guidance and strategic planning to all businesses, ensuring that you receive the most impactful advice.

Our offerings cater to a wide range of industries, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), SaaS companies, construction firms, and legal services. We understand that each sector faces unique challenges, from managing limited resources and navigating competitive markets to handling project-based accounting and complying with complex regulatory requirements.

What CathCap Can Give You


Our experienced CFO team brings a wealth of knowledge to your business, helping you navigate complex financial landscapes.

Improved Cash Flow

Effective cash flow management is crucial for the sustainability and growth of any business. Our CFO services ensure that your cash flow is optimized.


Outsourcing CFO services can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time chief financial officer, especially for small businesses.

Strategic Planning and Financial Forecasting

We help you develop a strategic plan and provide financial forecasting to guide your business toward long-term success.


With accurate financial reports and professional financial advice, you can make better decisions that drive your business forward.

Ready to elevate your financial management?

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Comprehensive CFO Services

At CathCap, we offer a wide range of CFO services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our services include:

Foundations CFO Services

Our foundational CFO services are designed to set your business up for long-term success. We offer comprehensive financial planning and cash flow management, specializing in fractional CFO solutions that provide strategic financial advice. Our part-time CFOs address your unique business needs with precise financial reporting and effective management.

Let us help you establish a strong financial foundation with our expert services in compensation, cash flow, pricing, and project prioritization. We’re dedicated to ensuring your business’s growth and profitability.

Our accelerated fractional CFO services offer expert financial strategy and management to drive your business toward growth. We focus on thorough financial planning, analysis, and risk management, ensuring efficient use of financial resources.

Our team provides insightful financial reporting and cash flow projections, strategic pricing structures, financial consulting, and effective expense management to boost profits and maintain customer satisfaction.

Accelerated CFO Services

Our Approach

CathCap’s approach to CFO services is centered around understanding your business’s unique needs and challenges. We provide:

Customized Financial Strategies

Tailored to your business goals and market conditions using your financial data and proven financial processes.

Financial Leadership

Our team members are not just number crunchers, they are strategic partners who drive your business toward its goals.

Comprehensive Financial Management

Covering all aspects of your financial operations, from accounting processes to financial planning.

Why Choose CathCap?

CathCap stands out in the market due to our commitment to delivering high-quality CFO services that are tailored to your business’s specific needs. Our dedicated CFOs, extensive financial expertise, and customized financial strategies ensure that you receive the best possible financial support.

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