Expert CFO Guidance for Law Firms: Podcast Interview with Brooke Lively

Enhance your law firm’s profitability and operational efficiency. Join host Ken Hardison on episode 227 of the Grow Your Law Firm Podcast as he delves into a compelling conversation with Brooke Lively where Brooke shares invaluable insights on leveraging data-driven strategies like EOS and scaling up your law firm. Additionally, she sheds light on pivotal […]

Podcast Interview: Building a Sellable Law Firm with Brooke Lively

Join us for an invigorating live interview featuring our founder Brooke Lively, the mastermind behind the best-seller “Exit on Top.” Hosted by Jay Berkowitz, this special episode of Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing for Law Firms Podcast comes to you from the vibrant halls of the PILMMA conference in New Orleans. In this discussion, Brooke passionately advocates for the creation […]

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CapEx vs OpEx: What’s the Difference & Why it Matters?

Capital Expenditure vs Operational Expenditure A business’s ability to understand and manage its finances is crucial for sustainable growth and profitability. This involves gaining a clear grasp of the different types of expenditures involved in running a business: Capital Expenditures (CapEx) and Operational Expenditures (OpEx). Understanding Capital Expenditure Capital expenditure or capital expense, is the […]

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Simple Interest vs Compound Interest: What You Need to Know

What is Interest Growth? Understanding how interest works is crucial for businesses looking to manage their finances effectively. Whether you’re borrowing money or investing, the type and quantity of interest applied can significantly impact your financial outcomes. But what is interest and interest growth? Interest is the cost of borrowing money or the return on […]

Empowering Law Firm Owners with Financial Insights feat. Brooke Lively on Let’s Talk Paralegal

Catch an enlightening episode of “Let’s Talk Paralegal,” hosted by Eda Rosa, and uncover the remarkable journey of Brooke Lively. Through insightful conversations, Brooke reveals the motivations behind the creation of Cathcap and its profound impact on revolutionizing the legal industry’s financial landscape. Listen to the episode: This enriching podcast episode is filled with wisdom, inspiration, and […]

Brooke Lively Talks Driving Law Firm Profits With Data-driven Decisions On SpeakEay’s Podcast

Curious about how to turn your legal expertise into a thriving business? Join host Richard Jacobs on SpeakEasy’s Podcast as he interviews our founder and CEO, Brooke Lively. In this episode, Brooke delves into strategies and insights that can help transform your law firm into a profitable and efficient enterprise. Brooke, who leads Cathcap, our company focused […]

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The Difference Between Financial Forecasts and Projections

Financial Forecast vs Projections Planning for the future of your business might sound like a challenge, but it’s essential to understand and track your business’s performance. Every smart business strategy begins with understanding where you are now and where you could be heading. This is where financial forecasts and projections offer a detailed analysis of […]

Podcast Interview: The Data-Driven Approach to Law Firm Marketing – Insights from Brooke Lively

Dive deep into the business of law with Brooke Lively, the visionary founder and president of Cathcap, in an illuminating conversation with Leigh Ebrom, on an episode of Legal Marketing Radio By LaFleur. This riveting discussion delves into the indispensable role of data-driven marketing in shaping the future of law firms and propelling them toward […]

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What is a Cost Model? A Guide for Effective Budgeting

What is a Cost Model? Ever wondered what the price tag on customer satisfaction is? Cost models might sound like something only accountants talk about in their sleep, but they’re important for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Simply put, cost models are tools that help businesses understand the costs involved in producing goods or […]

Podcast Interview: Brooke Lively on The Key Drivers Behind a Valuable and Marketable Law Firm

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of enhancing your law firm’s value for a potential sale? Struggling to boost your law firm’s sale value? Join podcast host Moshe Amsel on Profit with Law for an in-depth exploration with our founder and financial expert Brooke Lively. Gain crucial insights into transforming your firm into an appealing asset […]