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Unleashing the Power of AI in the Legal Field

This webinar dives into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), exploring its vast potential to revolutionize business operations and drive profitability. This is an absolute must-watch, especially if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or legal professional. Brooke and Pam dig into how AI can: Supercharge productivity Streamline processes Revolutionize your billing practices Bring immense […]

Making the Case for AI to Drive Profitability

As the New York Times said in its recent article, “AI Is Coming For Lawyers, Again”. But this does not have to be a negative thing for our industry. Join Brooke on how the developments in AI can be leveraged, not to replace your team, but to improve efficiency at all levels and boost profitability. […]

Law Firm Financial Management – Strategies & Analytics

Join Brooke in this insightful podcast episode as she dives into the world of financial management and data reporting specifically tailored for law firms. Discover how leveraging financial data, combined with factors like average case value and employee productivity, can empower law firms to fine-tune their strategies and unlock untapped profit potential. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to optimize your firm’s financial performance.

WEBINAR: Running Your Practice More Efficiently

Want to learn how you can manage your legal work more effectively? Stop the scroll and press play. In this webinar, Brooke teaches us how to monitor and use the important financial metrics of your firm, identify potential areas or risk, and take appropriate measures to avoid issues. Enjoyed this read? Stay in the loop […]

Three Lessons from The Pandemic – how to cut overhead and not feel the sting

Ah the pandemic.  It taught us so many lessons that we never knew before.  There is a black market for toilet paper.  Sourdough starter takes almost as much care as a newborn.  How to make hand sanitizer (because was sold out too).  And every business owner learned new acronyms, PPP, EIDL, and ERC, just to […]

Overhead – What it is and isn’t

We talk a lot at CathCap about the Rule of Thirds.  One third of revenue goes to the People doing the work, one third goes to Overhead, and one third goes to Profit.  But people often ask, “What exactly is in overhead?” There are the easy ones: rent, phones, copier rental, Westlaw/Lexis, marketing.  All the […]

Seven Words to Learn Before You Apply for Your Next Loan

Growing law firms need cash, but cash can get tight. All firms should have access to reserve cash, such as a line of credit, but applying for a loan can be nerve-wracking — especially when bankers start throwing out unfamiliar terms. One of my clients (now in his second year on the Inc. 5000) needed […]

Podcast – Law Firm Financial Management

KPI’s – Do you know the Key Performance Indicators in your law firm? Want to know what you should be looking at and monitoring? How about the best accounting tool for law firms? To learn more, check out the Non-Eventcast podcast where CathCap Founder and President, Brooke Lively talks about Law Firm Financial Management. Listen […]

Core Values: Why They’re So Important and How to Determine Yours

Your core values should drive every decision in your business. But are you clear on what they are? In this blog post, we’re sharing our technique for determining your core values.

How to Set An Appropriate Billing Rate

Your billing rate can’t be a guessing game. It has to be something that you come up with using data – data that you have in your own firm. But what’s the magic formula?