Brooke Lively Talks Driving Law Firm Profits With Data-driven Decisions On SpeakEay’s Podcast

Curious about how to turn your legal expertise into a thriving business? Join host Richard Jacobs on SpeakEasy’s Podcast as he interviews our founder and CEO, Brooke Lively. In this episode, Brooke delves into strategies and insights that can help transform your law firm into a profitable and efficient enterprise. Brooke, who leads Cathcap, our company focused […]

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The Difference Between Financial Forecasts and Projections

Financial Forecast vs Projections Planning for the future of your business might sound like a challenge, but it’s essential to understand and track your business’s performance. Every smart business strategy begins with understanding where you are now and where you could be heading. This is where financial forecasts and projections offer a detailed analysis of […]

Podcast Interview: The Data-Driven Approach to Law Firm Marketing – Insights from Brooke Lively

Dive deep into the business of law with Brooke Lively, the visionary founder and president of Cathcap, in an illuminating conversation with Leigh Ebrom, on an episode of Legal Marketing Radio By LaFleur. This riveting discussion delves into the indispensable role of data-driven marketing in shaping the future of law firms and propelling them toward […]

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What is a Cost Model? A Guide for Effective Budgeting

What is a Cost Model? Ever wondered what the price tag on customer satisfaction is? Cost models might sound like something only accountants talk about in their sleep, but they’re important for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Simply put, cost models are tools that help businesses understand the costs involved in producing goods or […]

Podcast Interview: Brooke Lively on The Key Drivers Behind a Valuable and Marketable Law Firm

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of enhancing your law firm’s value for a potential sale? Struggling to boost your law firm’s sale value? Join podcast host Moshe Amsel on Profit with Law for an in-depth exploration with our founder and financial expert Brooke Lively. Gain crucial insights into transforming your firm into an appealing asset […]

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What Is The Difference Between a Comptroller vs. Controller?

What is the Difference Between A Comptroller and A Controller? The terms comptroller and controller are often used interchangeably to describe the senior financial officer responsible for overseeing a business’s accounting operations and financial reporting. Despite the similarity in titles, there are subtle distinctions between the two roles, particularly in terms of specific duties and […]

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Are You Planning for Expenses or Are You Planning for Profit?

The Traditional Approach: Expenses First, Profit Last A consistent income stream might be your end goal as a business owner, as this gives you the ability to pay off expenses like labor costs but most quickly come to understand that profit planning is what truly leads to financial health and success. A profit and loss […]

7 Questions to Ask When Facing a Cash Crunch

When is the best time to plant a tree?  Ten years ago.  And when is the next best time? Today.   – Confucius I agree, and the same applies to cash crunches.  The best time to avoid a cash crunch is well before you find yourself in one.  But how do you know one is coming?  […]

3 Levers To Pull to Avoid a Cash Crunch

What is a Cash Crunch? A cash crunch is a financial situation companies face when they have a shortage of liquid assets or cash within the business, often leading to difficulties in meeting immediate financial obligations such as payroll, supplier payments, or operational expenses. Essentially, it’s a financial roadblock, where your business does not have […]

A fractional CFO helping the CEO on an ipad during a company meeting.

What Is A Fractional CFO and Their Role In Your Business

Understanding the financial nuances of your business is no easy feat. As your enterprise grows, so do its financial intricacies. The perfect solution? Enter a fractional CFO. But, what is a fractional CFO, and how vital is their role to your business’s financial health? A fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO), in simple terms, is a […]