Brooke Lively Talks Driving Law Firm Profits With Data-driven Decisions On SpeakEay’s Podcast

Curious about how to turn your legal expertise into a thriving business?
Join host Richard Jacobs on SpeakEasy’s Podcast as he interviews our founder and CEO, Brooke Lively. In this episode, Brooke delves into strategies and insights that can help transform your law firm into a profitable and efficient enterprise.
Brooke, who leads Cathcap, our company focused on empowering law firms through financial insights, shares her expertise drawn from her book, From Panic to Profit: How 6 Key Numbers Can Make a 6-Figure Difference in Your Business. This episode serves as a guide to achieving law firm success.
Discover how Brooke and the Cathcap team bridge the gap between traditional legal education and essential business skills, providing valuable advice on growing the law firm you envision.
🔑 Key Insights You’ll Learn:
Don’t miss out on the knowledge that could revolutionize your law firm and your life. Press play now and listen to this episode here.