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March, 2018

Cathcap Case Study - John Berry | Berry Law Firm

  • Executive Summary:

    We’d like to introduce you to our friend John Berry, a “no-BS attorney” who protects the rights of veterans. John began his journey with Cathcap in March 2018. John came to us because although he was leading a successful multi-practice law firm, he faced challenges in understanding the complex financial dynamics of his business. In particular, he struggled with understanding how to accurately forecast revenue and profit, assess the lifetime value of proprietary cases, and track productivity. Without this insight, John couldn’t make the best decisions on growth, investment, and resource allocation.

  • The Challenge:

    Despite a generalized revenue strategy, John struggled with accurately forecasting revenue and profit. The firm was often left guessing whether there would be surplus funds at the end of the year. John knew he didn’t have the training to recognize key leading indicators, which are vital for generating more revenue and making informed marketing spending decisions. He also had difficulty understanding the cash conversion cycle, the lifetime value of cases, and tracking attorney productivity effectively. These challenges left the firm unable to identify high performers, which meant they weren’t spending their money where they needed to.

    On top of that, John wasn’t prepared to deal with the intricacies of growing a business. The fear of potentially losing the business because of unpredictable cash flow made scaling the firm an intimidating task. In particular, the challenges were around bringing in great attorneys, building a C-suite, and doing so without compromising the firm's financial stability.

  • The Cathcap Solution:

    Cathcap entered the picture with a promise to bring clarity and structure to the firm. John was constantly impressed with Cathcap’s honest and straightforward approach. At Cathcap, we’re not paying attention to your internal politics. We’re focused solely on making your firm more profitable. Cathcap provided John with data about underperforming individuals and departments, decisions that did not pay off, and other important aspects affecting the firm's performance.

    Not to toot our own horn, but we excelled at delivering prompt, valuable, and unexpected services. We are thrilled we earned John’s trust and respect. He shared, “It was one of those relationships where it kind of went above and beyond the scope. You know? One of the great frustrations I think, especially in the legal industry, is that you get a lot of vendors who are great at marketing their product, but they're horrible a delivering. You're lucky if they deliver what they say they're going to deliver. Whereas with Cath Cap, it was always above and beyond.”

  • The Outcome:

    The collaboration with Cathcap catalyzed a transformation in John’s firm, ushering in a period of rapid growth and financial stability. In 2017, the firm’s revenue was 5.5MM. When he graduated from Cathcap in 2022, the revenue was 18.3MM. With the newfound understanding of financial metrics, indicators, and the ability to ask the right questions, Berry was able to make informed decisions that led to effective scaling and growth of the firm.

  • Conclusion:

    John’s time with Cathcap illustrates the power of financial understanding in business growth. The collaboration with our team not only resolved the firm's pressing financial issues but also instilled a culture of financial intelligence. This foundation allowed the firm to grow rapidly without risking its financial stability, all while enhancing the firm's productivity and profitability. The outcome underscores Cathcap's value proposition: to provide deep financial insight that empowers businesses to scale confidently and efficiently.

“I have probably only had one other vendor take as much initiative as Cathcap”
John Berry
Berry Law Firm