Exploring Financial Mastery with Brooke Lively on the RIA Podcast

Embark on a journey of financial mastery as our CFO, Brooke Lively, engages in an insightful discussion about her book, ‘From Panic to Profit,’ on the RIA Podcast with Seth Greene. This podcast, dedicated to registered investment advisory firms and their supporters, explores key challenges entrepreneurs face in understanding business finances.

The conversation extends to building an efficient owner-absent business, emphasizing cash flow forecasting, advocating for proactive hiring aligned with growth, and exploring the strategic tracking of new net engagements for capacity planning.


Key Highlights:

🤩 Join Brooke and Seth on this transformative financial journey, unlocking insights to navigate business intricacies and empower entrepreneurs for sustainable success. Listen to the episode on: iTunes, SpotifyTuneIniHeartRadio,  and YouTube