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What Is The Difference Between a Comptroller vs. Controller?

What is the Difference Between A Comptroller and A Controller? The terms comptroller and controller are often used interchangeably to describe the senior financial officer responsible for overseeing a business’s accounting operations and financial reporting. Despite the similarity in titles, there are subtle distinctions between the two roles, particularly in terms of specific duties and […]

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Are you planning for expenses or are you planning for profit?

A Profit and Loss Statement or an Income Statement is Income – Expenses = Profit.  I’m sure everybody recognizes that equation.  We use it all the time.  It is logical.  It conforms to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices).  It is the way we have always seen it.  When we translate this into budgeting, most people […]

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What Is A Fractional CFO and Their Role In Your Business

Understanding the financial nuances of your business is no easy feat. As your enterprise grows, so do its financial intricacies. The perfect solution? Enter a fractional CFO. But, what is a fractional CFO, and how vital is their role to your business’s financial health? A fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO), in simple terms, is a […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to What Are Business Level Strategies

Understanding Business Level Strategies For Your Firm Join us, as we take a deep dive into an essential topic that all businesses must comprehend to succeed and grow: the business level strategy. With years of expertise in the financial and strategy sectors, we’ve seen firsthand how a well-planned and executed business level strategy can create […]

A Different Practice podcast

Check out Brooke’s interview on A Different Practice. Hosts Lauren and Jessica talk with Brooke about the essential financial insights that every law firm owner needs, including: 1 The key numbers every law firm owner should know 2 The ideal composition of your financial team, including the one indispensable role that no law firm […]

SharkPreneur podcast

We have another great listen for you! Brooke was a guest on Kevin Harrington’s (from Shark Tank) Sharkprenuer Podcast with his awesome co-host Seth Greene (Podcast Direct Response Marketing Expert)! It was a jam-packed interview, and Seth did a great job in picking Brooke’s brain about her book, From Panic to Profit. Here are a […]

You are buzzworthy podcast

Check out Brooke’s enlightening interview on the “You Are Buzzworthy” podcast with Michael Buzinski. Brooke dives deep into her journey, which began with a mission to assist law firms and evolved into discovering the critical role of cash flow in business. In this episode, you’ll gain valuable insights into: ✨ The importance of understanding and […]

Law Firm Financial Management – Strategies & Analytics

Join Brooke in this insightful podcast episode as she dives into the world of financial management and data reporting specifically tailored for law firms. Discover how leveraging financial data, combined with factors like average case value and employee productivity, can empower law firms to fine-tune their strategies and unlock untapped profit potential. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to optimize your firm’s financial performance.

Overhead – What it is and isn’t

What is Overhead and Profit In business finance, two terms that are frequently heard are overhead and profit. They’re fundamental concepts that every entrepreneur and business owner needs to grasp. Overhead refers to the ongoing expenses required to run your business, whereas profit is the financial gain you achieve after all your costs are subtracted […]

Seven Words to Learn Before You Apply for Your Next Loan

Growing law firms need cash, but cash can get tight. All firms should have access to reserve cash, such as a line of credit, but applying for a loan can be nerve-wracking — especially when bankers start throwing out unfamiliar terms. One of my clients (now in his second year on the Inc. 5000) needed […]