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What Is The Difference Between a Comptroller vs. Controller?

What is the Difference Between A Comptroller and A Controller? The terms comptroller and controller are often used interchangeably to describe the senior financial officer responsible for overseeing a business’s accounting operations and financial reporting. Despite the similarity in titles, there are subtle distinctions between the two roles, particularly in terms of specific duties and […]

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What Are Business Level Strategies

Understanding Business Level Strategies For Your Firm Join us, as we take a deep dive into an essential topic that all businesses must comprehend to succeed and grow: the business level strategy. With years of expertise in the financial and strategy sectors, we’ve seen firsthand how a well-planned and executed business level strategy can create […]

A Different Practice podcast

Check out Brooke’s interview on A Different Practice. Hosts Lauren and Jessica talk with Brooke about the essential financial insights that every law firm owner needs, including: 1 The key numbers every law firm owner should know 2 The ideal composition of your financial team, including the one indispensable role that no law firm […]

SharkPreneur podcast

We have another great listen for you! Brooke was a guest on Kevin Harrington’s (from Shark Tank) Sharkprenuer Podcast with his awesome co-host Seth Greene (Podcast Direct Response Marketing Expert)! It was a jam-packed interview, and Seth did a great job in picking Brooke’s brain about her book, From Panic to Profit. Here are a […]

Get Staffed Up podcast

Have you heard about our “pod” concept? Dive into this webinar with Brooke and Brett Trembly to explore the powerful concept of “pods” within law firms and their potential to prevent attorney turnover while maximizing firm profitability. Discover how pods can create accountability, empower attorneys, and enhance productivity, ultimately leading to a stable and successful […]

How to Get Your Team to Originate Cases

It’s tough being an attorney and a business owner. You’re tasked with doing work for your clients, while also figuring out how to keep your firm profitable and, if possible, enjoy the fruits of your labor. That’s why encouraging your team to help originate new cases is key! Let’s discuss.