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Unlocking Financial Wisdom for Law Firms: A Deep Dive with Brooke Lively on the Free Lawyer Podcast

Unlocking Financial Wisdom for Law Firms: A Deep Dive with Brooke Lively on the Free Lawyer Podcast Join our CFO Brooke Lively as a guest on the Free Lawyer Podcast with Gary Miles in an illuminating conversation in an insightful podcast episode as they unravel the secrets of effective financial strategies for law firms. Brooke […]

Podcast Interview: The SIX KEY Numbers of Law Firm Health with Brooke Lively

In the legal world, the real verdict isn’t just in the courtroom; it’s in the data. So, as Brooke wisely puts it, let’s turn those billable hours into ‘thrillable’ profits and exit on top! Find out how in another great listen we have for you today. Check out Brooke’s interview on Smart Lawyers Position to […]

Articles By Brooke Lively

BROOKE LIVELY Brooke Lively is the CEO and founder of Cathedral Capital, a team of CFOs and profitability strategists who help entrepreneurs turn their businesses into profitable companies. Follow her on LinkedIn. Enjoy Some of Brookes Most Popular Articles Articles Tab 1 Articles Tab 2 Articles Tab 3 Articles Tab 1 Budgets Suck, But Profit Plans Rock […]

Grow Law Firm podcast

Learn why your law firm needs a CFO with Brooke Lively on the Grow Law Firm Podcast with Sasha Berson. The duo discuss how a law firm CFO acts as both a growth catalyst and a profitability accelerator. They explain why marketing plays such a pivotal role in attracting potential investors and clients for law […]

How To Get Better Referrals At Your Law Firm

You’re a good attorney. No, you’re a GREAT attorney. You get amazing results for your clients. People should be standing at your door, desperate for your services BUT that’s not quite how things have been going… We’re sharing the tools you need to help grow your referral network and become an in-demand firm.

How Much Should I Be Spending On Marketing?

If you want more clients at your law firm, you’re going to need to spend some money on marketing. The question that we’re often asked is “how much should I spend?” Our answer is usually some variation of a shoulder shrug and an, “I don’t know yet.” This is not unknowable. Our role is to consult with the attorneys we work with to determine how much to invest. But it’s also not something that’s set in stone. If you’d like to get a bit more information about how to analyze and optimize your marketing spend, read on!