Law Firm Financial Management – Strategies & Analytics

  • 03:25 Explaining Cathedral Capital’s function as outsourced CFO for law firms

  • 04:36 Looking at valuable data for law firms outside of financials

  • 05:38 Discussing efficiency and productivity data

  • 07:08 Creating strategies for law firms’ growth

  • 09:50 Importance of consistent language and terminology in data management

  • 15:17 Connecting accounting software with case management systems

  • 18:07 Comparing and deciding on reporting options and tools

  • 20:03 Helping law firms set up their case management systems correctly

  • 20:53 The importance of cash flow forecasts

  • 22:41 The significance of employee productivity reports

  • 23:45 When to engage a financial professional

  • 25:00 Transitioning from outsourced CFO to in-house financial management

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