Podcast Interview: Building a Sellable Law Firm with Brooke Lively

Join us for an invigorating live interview featuring our founder Brooke Lively, the mastermind behind the best-seller “Exit on Top.” Hosted by Jay Berkowitz, this special episode of Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing for Law Firms Podcast comes to you from the vibrant halls of the PILMMA conference in New Orleans.
In this discussion, Brooke passionately advocates for the creation of law firms that exude independence from their owners. Through captivating real-life anecdotes and expert guidance, listeners will uncover the secrets to crafting a law firm that not only captivates potential buyers but also generates profits and operates with unparalleled efficiency.
Learn the foundational principles of business preparation and illuminate the pathway to positioning your law firm for an unequivocally prosperous future. 

Key Topics:

Prepare to embark on this transformative journey with Brooke Lively, unraveling the secrets to crafting a law firm that shines brightly in the market and secures a future ripe with prosperity. Listen to the episode on SpotifyiTunesListenNotes, and Youtube