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Podcast Interview: The SIX KEY Numbers of Law Firm Health with Brooke Lively

In the legal world, the real verdict isn’t just in the courtroom; it’s in the data. So, as Brooke wisely puts it, let’s turn those billable hours into ‘thrillable’ profits and exit on top! Find out how in another great listen we have for you today. Check out Brooke’s interview on Smart Lawyers Position to Transition with Victoria Collier.


Listen as host Victoria Collier of “Smart Lawyers Position to Transition,” talks with our founder Brooke about how law firms can enhance profitability through data-driven insights. Victoria and Brooke highlight the value of data-driven insights in improving law firm profitability and preparing for successful exits.

Key Takeaways:

The Role of a Fractional CFO: Brooke explains the concept of a fractional CFO, elucidating how this strategic financial expertise can revolutionize and optimize the operations of law firms.

The Six Key Numbers for Law Firm Profitability: Brooke introduces the six key metrics that law firms should focus on. Learn to decipher the financial heartbeat of your firm and turn data into a roadmap for success.

Understanding Capacity Utilization: Discover the significance of tracking staff productivity and capacity in ensuring a firm’s vitality.

Trends in the Legal Industry: Stay ahead of the curve by understanding the forces shaping the future of the legal industry. The conversation explores trends, including non-attorney ownership of law firms. 

‘Exit on Top’ Preview: Get a sneak peek into Brooke’s upcoming book, ‘Exit on Top,’ designed to guide law firms towards successful sales.

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