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Expert financial Advisors

Your Path to Financial Freedom

Improve your approach to taking on, managing, and repaying debt with our debt advisory services. Using our extensive experience and understanding of debt capital and credit markets, we deliver your team effective, result-driven strategies. Our team of CFOs and debt advisors, provide independent advice, innovative solutions, and strategic alternatives to help you achieve your business’s financial goals.

Enhance Your Debt Management Strategies

Effectively managing and understanding how your business can benefit from using debt is crucial for sustaining growth and financial stability. We continuously monitor and adjust our strategy to ensure your debt management remains effective and responsive to changing market conditions. From providing financing solutions and funding options to restructuring existing debt, our debt advisory services help you optimize how you handle debt. 

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Specialized Services

Tailored to Your Business

Why Choose Cathcap

As a premier fractional CFO service provider, we exceed expectations, providing data-driven insights and delivering tangible results. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert analysis, we help you navigate financial complexities and uncover opportunities for your business. Our client-centric approach focuses on your growth objectives, offering customized financial strategies tailored to your unique needs and challenges. We promise to enhance your operational efficiency and profitability with visible financial improvements in just three months.

Your Financial Leadership Team at Cathcap

Your finance team or "pod" will consist of a CFO, two controllers, and an analyst.


The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is your finance leader, helping you navigate financial landscapes, craft precise forecasts, and foster robust financial strategies. Their collaboration with your finance and leadership teams brings a wealth of knowledge into your operations, essential for informed decision-making and driving sustainable growth.


The controllers maintain financial accuracy and regulatory adherence, managing daily financial transactions. They are instrumental in safeguarding your organization’s financial health and ensuring transparency. Specializing in financial reporting, tax compliance, and auditing, your controllers are key to maintaining your financial integrity and supporting the overall financial strategy.


The analyst brings expertise in data interpretation and insight generation, essential for identifying trends and opportunities. Through analyzing financial statements, market trends, and relevant data, they offer strategic insights that guide decision-making to support your organization’s initiatives.

Getting Started

Experience What Cathcap Has to Offer

Choosing Cathcap means partnering with a team committed to your success. We leverage AI, the latest financial tools, and our expertise to dive into your business model and understand your strategic objectives, allowing us to create a customized service plan. By analyzing real-time financial data, we equip your leadership with the insights necessary to make strategic decisions, maintain a competitive edge in your industry, and seize opportunities for growth and innovation. Our focus on transparency and proactive communication ensures that you are always informed and confident in your financial strategies.

For more information or to get started with Cathcap, contact us today.

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Regulatory compliance is our top priority. Our team is well-versed in the regulatory standards required by state agencies, regulatory bodies, and financial institutions, ensuring that all our reports adhere to these standards.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, non-profits, and even larger corporations that need specialized financial advice can benefit from our debt advisory services.

 Absolutely, we often work in collaboration with existing financial departments to enhance and streamline your financial operations.

We provide regular reports that include but are not limited to, cash flow statements, profit and loss accounts, and custom KPI dashboards.

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