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Discover the cornerstone of financial success with Cathcap’s foundational CFO service. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive financial planning and astute cash flow management to solidify your financial base. Specializing in fractional CFO solutions, we provide essential strategic financial advice. Our part-time CFOs address your unique business needs, ensuring precise financial reporting and effective financial management. At Cathcap, we’re committed to empowering you with the tools and insights needed for a strong financial foundation, driving sustainable profitability and business growth.

Set The Foundation with Cathcap CFO Services

Our foundational CFO services are meticulously designed for businesses, focusing on essential financial aspects to establish a robust foundation for your firm. As your fractional CFO service provider, we are dedicated to empowering your finance function with strategic financial planning and insightful advisory services in critical areas such as compensation, cash flow, pricing and prioritizing special projects. We give careful attention to your financial needs to help you lay the groundwork for future growth and profitability ensuring a strong and sustainable foundation for success.

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Our Extensive CFO Services

A Foundation for Profitability

Embark on Your Financial Journey with Cathcap's Expert Team

We go beyond the scope of traditional cfo companies. Our team, consisting of an experienced chief financial officer, two controllers, and an analyst, offers comprehensive financial management tailored to the unique needs of your business.


Our virtual CFOs, functioning with the diligence of an in-house CFO, not only provide leadership and strategic financial management but also play a pivotal role in overseeing the finance department, ensuring that every strategic decision is backed by solid financial planning and advisory services. They meticulously oversee your financial strategy, financial reports, and provide the financial expertise essential for making informed business decisions, thus acting as a cornerstone for your business’s financial stability and growth.


Controllers, integral to our part-time CFO service, ensure not just the accuracy of your financial results and compliance with regulatory standards, but also oversee the financial reporting and auditing, providing a comprehensive view of your company’s financial health. Their role is fundamental in maintaining the integrity of your financial data, ensuring that it reflects the true state of your business and aids in strategic decision-making.


Analysts, a key part of our CFO service, interpret complex financial information to offer insights into your business’s performance. Their expertise in financial modeling and analysis, helps to identify opportunities for improvement and growth. They serve as vital contributors to the financial strategy and management, providing data-driven insights from financial statements and market trends to guide the leadership team in making more effective business decisions.

Getting Started

Partner with Cathcap for Financial Excellence

As your outsourced CFO company, Cathcap is committed to offering comprehensive financial solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs. Our team of financial experts, including experienced CFO consultants and analysts, are equipped to help you navigate your financial journey, ensuring not only the effective management of your finance function but also providing strategic advisory services to foster sustainable business growth and financial mastery.

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A Fractional CFO is a financial expert who offers CFO services to your business on a part-time or project basis, providing high-level financial strategy without the commitment of a full-time salary.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, non-profits, and even larger corporations that need specialized financial advice can benefit from our Fractional CFO services.

Small and medium-sized enterprises often operate with limited financial resources and may not have the budget to employ a full-time CFO. Our Fractional CFO services provide SMEs with the same level of financial expertise but at a fraction of the cost, allowing them to focus on business operations while we handle the financial complexities.

Startups are in a unique position where they need to move quickly and efficiently to capture market share, but also need to be incredibly mindful of their financial situation. Our Fractional CFO services can help startups by offering strategic financial planning, budget optimization, and investor relations advice, allowing them to scale their business confidently.

Non-profit organizations have unique financial needs and reporting requirements. Our Fractional CFOs have the expertise in fund accounting, grant management, and regulatory compliance, enabling these organizations to focus on their mission while ensuring financial viability and integrity.

Even well-established corporations can benefit from specialized financial advice during times of transition, such as mergers and acquisitions, market expansion, or restructuring. Our Fractional CFOs bring a fresh perspective and specialized skill sets to the table, allowing corporations to navigate complex financial landscapes with ease.

Absolutely, we often work in collaboration with existing financial departments to enhance and streamline your financial operations.

We provide regular reports that include but are not limited to, cash flow statements, profit and loss accounts, and custom KPI dashboards.

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