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SharkPreneur podcast

We have another great listen for you! Brooke was a guest on Kevin Harrington’s (from Shark Tank) Sharkprenuer Podcast with his awesome co-host Seth Greene (Podcast Direct Response Marketing Expert)! It was a jam-packed interview, and Seth did a great job in picking Brooke’s brain about her book, From Panic to Profit.

Here are a few topics Brooke and Seth covered:

  • How many entrepreneurs often lack understanding of the financial aspect of their business and need help.

  • Why an owner should be able to take a vacation and come back to an efficiently running company.

  • How it’s important to forecast cash flow to ensure timely payments and avoiding financial surprises.

  • Why business owners must proactively hire people a plan for future growth instead of making rash decisions.

  • How entrepreneurs should track new net engagements to assess company capacity and anticipate future hiring needs.

You can listen to the interview on: iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, or watch it on YouTube

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