Unlocking Financial Wisdom for Law Firms: A Deep Dive with Brooke Lively on the Free Lawyer Podcast

Unlocking Financial Wisdom for Law Firms: A Deep Dive with Brooke Lively on the Free Lawyer Podcast

Join our CFO Brooke Lively as a guest on the Free Lawyer Podcast with Gary Miles in an illuminating conversation in an insightful podcast episode as they unravel the secrets of effective financial strategies for law firms. Brooke shares her professional journey and unveils the mission of Cathcap.


Listen as Brooke provides a fascinating glimpse into Cathcap’s origin and emphasizes crucial data points for effective financial analysis, advocates for proactive financial management, and explores her role as a catalyst for accelerated profits. Brooke’s big-thinking approach, multi-faceted expertise as an EOS Implementer, and global recognition in top media outlets underscore her impactful contributions to business growth. Tune in for a compelling discussion on unlocking financial success in the legal realm.

Key Highlights:

  • Cathcap’s Origin Story:Brooke delves into the creation of Cathcap, shedding light on how this group of CFOs and profitability strategists aims to empower law firms by unraveling the complexities of financial management.
  • Essential Data Points: Brooke emphasizes the significance of key data points such as cash flow, work in progress, sales calls booked, and net new cases. Learn how these metrics form the backbone of effective financial analysis for law firms.
  • Proactive Financial Management:Gary and Brooke underscore the importance of proactive financial analysis in steering law firms toward success. Discover how a knowledgeable team can be a game-changer for attorneys looking to elevate their financial management game.
  • Brooke’s Impact: Explore Brooke’s role as a catalyst for accelerated profits, as she shares her transformative advice that has helped businesses thrive for years. Discover how she acts as a guiding force for clients, helping them envision a new identity for their organizations.
  • Big Thinking and Business Growth: Brooke’s approach involves big thinking, empowering clients to make positive changes in various aspects of their organizations, including time, money, and reputation. Learn how her expertise contributes to achieving different versions of “profit.”
  • Brooke’s Multi-Faceted Expertise:As an EOS Implementer® and highly regarded speaker, Brooke educates leadership teams with effective tools and processes, showcasing her well-rounded expertise in driving business growth.
  • Global Recognition:Explore Brooke’s international recognition, with features in prominent media outlets such as CNBC, Forbes, US News and World Report, and appearances on various podcasts, including You Are Buzzworthy, Mission Matters, The American Bar Association Modern Law Library, and The Entrepreneur Way.

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